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Congress format Lively and constructive discussions

Through lively and constructive discussions, the Congress will address the common challenges in governance - building collaboration between the private and public sector; innovation - embracing and thriving in times of rapid technological change; sustainability - working together to address climate change, and people - investing in people to build the workforce of tomorrow.

IRU World Congress 2020 sessions formats


Large audience (800+ people)
Panel discussions, keynote presentations and speeches

Round table

Medium audience (100-200 people)
Panel debate, audience interaction and voting 


Small audience (30-60 people)
Highly interactive, focused on dialogue between business and government

Ideas studio

Small audience (30-60 people)
Highly interactive, focused on new ideas, innovation and avant-garde thinking


Small audience (30-60 people)
Highly interactive, focused on learning and sharing best practices

Side events

For IRU members and partners to lead or co-organise events

CEO dinner 

Invitation only event, CEOs from industry leading companies, limited number (10–15 people)
Unique opportunity to network and exchange views and best practices on innovation with peers

Ministerial lunch

Closed-door, invitation only event, ministers, international organisations leaders and CEOs
High-level dialogue between governments, international organisations and business

Networking dinner

Informal setting to network and build contacts.