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The IRU World Congress has addressed a range of challenges and opportunities in transport, mobility and trade. Leaders from industry and government joined the debate.

IRU’s media and communications teams are working closely with Asyad and partners on media and social media outreach across multiple platforms, including broadcast, live streaming and video, print media and online engagement. This will happen before, during and after the Congress, to broaden our audience and to project the event onto the world stage.


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The future of road transport

The future of road transport

Technology and automation will define the future of road transport according to new IRU research, but significant obstacles stand in the way.

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30 July 2018

Fact or fantasy?

New technologies are going to change our industry. What can we expect? George Stephenson built his Rocket in 1829.  Eugenio Barsanti and Felice Matteucci developed the first real internal…
27 July 2018

MAN connects the trucks

This summer, MAN launched the world’s first full vehicle platoon. “MAN is taking a leading role in the automatisation and digitalisation of commercial vehicles”, explains Joachim Drees, CEO of MAN…
26 July 2018

Oman jumps ranks in global logistics performance

Host of the IRU World Congress – the Sultanate of Oman – has skipped up five places to 43rd position in the World Bank’s recently released Logistics Performance Index (LPI) 2018 report.  …
24 July 2018

Is talk too cheap?

How political combat and trade co-operation work together: What can we expect from José Barroso at the IRU World Congress?
19 July 2018

No more running on empty

World Congress insights: How a smart, connected platform facilitates sharing to reduce waste, lower transport costs and support trade. CEO of EmptyTrips, Benji Coetzee, will join us in Oman at the…
16 July 2018

Why sharing is smarter

ERTICO’s Lina Konstantinopoulou will be talking about next generation platforms at the IRU World Congress. She offers some insights on new tech, smart systems and data sharing. Transport and…
13 July 2018

Bringing road transport up to speed

IRU's Will Petty looks at the wide-reaching benefits of safer, more efficient, more sustainable road transport services as a means to drive economies in the right direction.   Why…
10 July 2018

First TIR trucks leave Iran bound for Pakistan

The first TIR operations from Iran to Pakistan signal the start of TIR in Pakistan and the activation of the Istanbul-Tehran-Islamabad trade corridor.  The milestone will kick start an increase in…
02 July 2018

Trade and innovation debates intensify ahead of global road transport congress in Oman

Trade and innovation debates intensify ahead of the World Congress where the future of road transport will be mapped out from 6 to 8 November in Muscat, Oman. 
28 June 2018

Gulf region streaks ahead with global transport ambitions

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will soon become the latest country to accede to two UN conventions for the carriage of goods and for transporting dangerous goods (CMR and ADR) respectively.  UAE…
28 June 2018

IRU World Congress regional takeaways: East Africa

In the run-up to the IRU World Congress, we talk to FEAFFA’s John Mathenge and Wanja Kiragu from the East Africa Online Transport Agency, to hear about their expectations for the event and how it…
19 June 2018

IRU Media Prize on the future of transport and trade now open for entries

IRU is launching its Media Prize, recognising significant contributions from the media to the transport sector debate, to coincide with its World Congress in Oman, 6-8 November 2018.  This year’s…

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