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The IRU World Congress has addressed a range of challenges and opportunities in transport, mobility and trade. Leaders from industry and government joined the debate.

IRU’s media and communications teams are working closely with Asyad and partners on media and social media outreach across multiple platforms, including broadcast, live streaming and video, print media and online engagement. This will happen before, during and after the Congress, to broaden our audience and to project the event onto the world stage.


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The future of road transport

The future of road transport

Technology and automation will define the future of road transport according to new IRU research, but significant obstacles stand in the way.

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21 September 2018

IRU’s innovation and research drives intelligent transport

IRU showcased new developments in smart mobility, automation, digitalisation, logistics, and other cutting-edge intelligent transport systems at the ITS World Congress in Copenhagen this week. …
18 September 2018

The ‘Now’ and the ‘Future’ of logistics in a customer-centric world

Manisha Raisinghani, of LogiNext Solutions, explains why technology must redefine the future of logistics. We are all connected with the world via our smartphones and laptops. Technology has made…
14 September 2018

Realising the impossible

The importance of chasing dreams and how to do it. What to expect from André Borschberg at the IRU World Congress. Innovation is all about pushing boundaries. It’s about having the vision to see…
13 September 2018

How to survive the transport revolution

Insights from Alex Knowles, Managing Director of Knowles Transport, on future-proofing his business, human capital, disruption, the environment and more. He explains how debating common issues and…
13 September 2018

Training, big data and keeping trade safe

Craig de Savoye, an internationally recognised business development specialist, gives his view on the transport job market and how big data and technology are transforming training programmes for the…
03 September 2018

Transport stories to spur World Congress media debate

As momentum builds towards the IRU World Congress in Oman, 6-8 November 2018, the IRU media prize draws entries, recognising significant contributions from the media to the transport sector debate.  …
03 September 2018

The future of trade is bright

The good news about trade is that it is not all bad. Christian Labrot provides insight into recent trade developments.
27 August 2018

Drivers still wanted

No driver working today will need to change careers because of autonomous trucks. Steve Banker looks at why drivers are far from redundant. Mike Reid, the Chief Operating Officer at Embark Trucks,…
22 August 2018


Dr Rand Hindi on how AI will come into play as automation, digitalisation and connectedness transform the future. Why is Artificial Intelligence like electricity? Back in the 1880s, when…
16 August 2018

Oman reinforces commitment to TIR and Congress success

High-level talks on TIR accession and the countdown to the IRU World Congress were held in Oman this week, with IRU Secretary General Umberto de Pretto meeting with the country’s transport minister…
14 August 2018

Are you the next generation transport industry leader?

Call for entries to a major competition at the IRU World Congress targeting startup transport companies. IRU and Road Ventures SA are launching a brand new competition at the IRU World Congress,…
15 August 2018

Trade can transform the Middle East

During a visit to Muscat this week, Umberto de Pretto turns his thoughts to history and the role that transport might play in lifting the fortunes of the region – politically, economically and…

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