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The IRU World Congress has addressed a range of challenges and opportunities in transport, mobility and trade. Leaders from industry and government joined the debate.

IRU’s media and communications teams are working closely with Asyad and partners on media and social media outreach across multiple platforms, including broadcast, live streaming and video, print media and online engagement. This will happen before, during and after the Congress, to broaden our audience and to project the event onto the world stage.


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The future of road transport

The future of road transport

Technology and automation will define the future of road transport according to new IRU research, but significant obstacles stand in the way.

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12 October 2018

IRU announces finalists for the 2018 IRU Media Prize

Three journalists have been selected as finalists for the 2018 IRU Media Prize on the future of transport and trade. The IRU Media Prize celebrates significant contributions from the media to the…
11 October 2018

Demystifying digital in the future of mobility and transport

Frictionless, automated, personalised travel on demand: that’s the dream of the future of mobility and transport. But how do we get there? Damodar Sahu, Research Scholar at SunRise University,…
09 October 2018

IRU welcomes new member IVECO

IVECO, a leading Italian manufacturer of industrial vehicles, joins IRU’s global network. Pierre Lahutte, IVECO Brand President and Member of the Group Executive Council, will also be one of the…
05 October 2018

The path to driverless cars is full of potholes

Christian Wolmar presents his views on how autonomous tech might play out for passenger transport. He argues there is still a long way to go before we throw our driving licenses into the sea. What…
04 October 2018

Lessons from Oman: what does the future hold for passenger transport?

Ahmed Al Bulushi, CEO of Mwasalat – Oman’s national transport company – talks about recent developments, embracing new technology, and future plans. There is much to learn and more still to come at…
04 October 2018

The changing logistics industry: Africa, India and the Middle East

Alagu Balaraman, Partner and Managing Director of Indian Operations at CGN Global, highlights the critical drivers of change in logistics. He warns the industry to stay ahead of the curve so not to…
02 October 2018

Safety, Our Roads and Our Future

Chris Spear, president and CEO of the American Trucking Associations and speaker at the IRU World Congress, gives insight into the impact of autonomous technology on road safety – among other things…
27 September 2018

Road transport industry mobilises to curb cyber threats

Alongside benefits of efficiency and productivity, new tech brings new risks of hacking and disruption to supply chains. Future proofing the road transport sector means building stronger and more…
26 September 2018

Automation: what next?

The global transport industry is asking just how smart, how safe and how secure transport can become? We know the potential is huge and we want to bring the industry together at the World Congress in…
25 September 2018

Beyond globalisation – rebalancing towards a regional world

Trump’s tariffs and Brexit’s looming barriers are stealing the headlines on trade. But despite the regional approach dominating current policy, complex supply chains with intricate global ecosystems…
24 September 2018

Growing global trade – a new perspective for road transport

The rise and rise of world trade volumes means road transport is more important than ever. Jeevan G. Rao Sahib from Indelox Services highlights why road transport is the critical cog in the global…
21 September 2018

Are we sleepwalking into a global driver shortage crisis?

Ignore the driver shortage crisis at your peril. IRU Managing Director, Boris Blanche, encourages the industry to step up to the driver shortage challenge and urges the industry to bring fresh ideas…

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