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The IRU World Congress has addressed a range of challenges and opportunities in transport, mobility and trade. Leaders from industry and government joined the debate.

IRU’s media and communications teams are working closely with Asyad and partners on media and social media outreach across multiple platforms, including broadcast, live streaming and video, print media and online engagement. This will happen before, during and after the Congress, to broaden our audience and to project the event onto the world stage.


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The future of road transport

The future of road transport

Technology and automation will define the future of road transport according to new IRU research, but significant obstacles stand in the way.

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17 December 2018

Hyperloop is here

IRU speaks to Juan Vicén, Co-founder of Zeleros Hyperloop –  and joint winner of the IRU/Road Ventures startup competition. He explains the nuts and bolts – or the "coils and magnets" – of the…
04 December 2018

A time for sharing

IRU speaks to Stefan Kukman, founder of CargoX – joint winner of the IRU/Road Ventures startup competition. CargoX is a revolutionary startup that powers the maritime shipping industry with…
13 November 2018

Bridging the innovation gap

IRU’s industry survey, launched at the World Congress last week, reveals that in the face of geopolitical and economic uncertainty, technology-driven innovation will be key to meeting the challenges…
06 November 2018

Trouble with truckers

IRU Media Prize winner, Mike King, reports on driver shortage and the new opportunities for transport through e-commerce. This article, which has been awarded the IRU Media Prize, originally…
01 November 2018

Building a world-beating organisation 

How do you build success from a “good idea”? How do you accelerate growth through innovation? How do you prosper through disruption? Keynote speaker, serial entrepreneur, Kevin Gaskell, will reveal…
24 October 2018

E-Commerce Frenzy forces retail supply chains to adapt or languish

Few if any consumer-oriented businesses have escaped the explosive growth of “The E-Commerce Frenzy” - which is now forcing retail supply chains to rapidly adapt, or suffer the consequences. E…
18 October 2018

Oman proves that logistics integration is key to growth

In an in-depth interview on the company’s website, Abdulrahman Salin Al Hatmi CEO of ASYAD – Oman’s leading logistics group and host of the IRU World Congress – explains the advantages of a national…
17 October 2018

Driver shortage for trucking industry – an India perspective

Rajesh Neelakanta from BVC Logistics offers insights into India’s driver shortage and the developments which are mitigating the problem. Turning to Europe and the US – he offers tips to turn the…
27 September 2018

The "smart brain" of China

YMM has redefined the land-based logistics sector in China. It is the first and largest domestic cargo dispatch platform using cloud computing, big data, mobile internet and AIT (Advanced Internet…
12 October 2018

Trumpian trade wars threaten the GCC?

NAFTA is dead. Long live the USMCA. But how will Trump’s antics play out for the GCC region? Here, we publish an extract from an article by Dr Nasser Saidi – who will be at the IRU World Congress,…
11 October 2018

Demystifying digital in the future of mobility and transport

Frictionless, automated, personalised travel on demand: that’s the dream of the future of mobility and transport. But how do we get there? Damodar Sahu, Research Scholar at SunRise University,…
05 October 2018

The path to driverless cars is full of potholes

Christian Wolmar presents his views on how autonomous tech might play out for passenger transport. He argues there is still a long way to go before we throw our driving licenses into the sea. What…

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