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  • IRU World Congress
    Save the date: 19-21 October 2020, Berlin
    Intelligence on the move
  • IRU World Congress brings
    the industry together to drive change
    See what you missed from the 2018 edition

IRU World Congress

The 2018 World Congress in Muscat, Oman, brought together more than a thousand business leaders, along with ministers and government authorities, international organisations, academics, innovators and disruptors. 

The global road transport community will gather again in Berlin, from 19 to 21 October 2020, to take stock of progress and pave the way for new solutions.  

The 2020 Congress theme is Intelligence on the move, highlighting new technology, notably artificial intelligence and its burgeoning role in the new global technology shifts driving innovation in road transport.

But the congress will also look at intelligence on a human and local scale. It is about how people use new technology in mobility and logistics. 

And it is about smart innovation that builds on the mosaic of local knowledge and best practice that comes from the ground up – from IRU’s constituency, the millions of companies and their employees who run road transport services all over the world.

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